Loops – Making them the Same


Having difficulty cutting your pins the same size to turn a loop???? Here is my tip – use a bead of 10mm to add to your pin and then cut reserving that bead for all time for your cutting. You can also make samples in little plastic bags for different sized loops and they will always be the same.


Catch up on all the projects I forgot to post.


October 2012

Our challenge was Shamballa Bracelets and different interpretations of the kits so here are my offerings to that project.Photo-0019

November 2012

The next challenge was beading decorative items such as bag charms.

Photo-0007 Photo-0002 Photo-0003 Photo-0004 Photo-0005 Photo-0006 Photo-0007

And also some other kits that were aired in December 2012Photo-0039(1) Photo-0034 Photo-0001 Photo-0050(1) Photo-0047(1) Photo-0044(1) Photo-0041(1) Herringbone Bracelet (1) Lime Pie Butterfly (1) Spiral Ring Birthday Cake Photo-0013 Photo-0005 Photo-0007 Photo-0009 Photo-0011 Photo-0002

And we bought the New Year 2013 in with a couple of fantastic kits of chain making and bead caps of which my photos seem to have gone missing. So lets press on and the most up to date February 2013 the domes and charm bracelets all of nickel free construction which conforms with the standards for jewellrey.

DIGITAL CAMERAAs a paper crafter too I used my standard embossing powders(with sparkle of course) to create some fantasy domes but all with clear polish to adhere the domes, And the picture domes were created from a Winter Poppetts decoupage sheet from Crafters Companion by Reddy utilizing  the face for a pendant and portions of the dress to create the other domes. The charms were enhanced by nail polish.

DIGITAL CAMERA The gardening theme of the charms suggested flower fairies to me, and the paper crafter took over again and using just stickers from my stash I created all the domes, I did back all the images on to centura pearl PAPER to provide a background for the images to stand out against and again I chose clear polish to adhere all my pieces. The polish box was out so because I could I added polish to the charms too.

DIGITAL CAMERAThese are a couple of items I made just to show that the domes do not have to go on the bracelet.  As I have said earlier I had the Nail Polish box open so what came to mind was Nail Art. I applied a base coat to the frame, gave it a couple of mins and then applied polish ( depending on the coverage you may need to apply a second coat) let it set and then apply your design. Seal and apply your dome with clear polish.

My choose of nail polish to apply all the domes is that it is a widely available medium and is safe to use in lots of ways ( going off tangent, but to proove  my validity, my Fathers optician suggested (off the record of course) that if the nose pieces of his glasses were creating a re action,  just apply a thin coat of clear nail polish, and it did the trick, but on the nose it wears, so strip (nail polish remover and wash and dry thoroughly), and re apply), if you can use it on the body it has to be safe for jewellrey.


I hope you have enjoyed the recap and I almost promise to  keep this up to date and would love your feedback together with any suggestions for stuff you would like to see on Beaders Companion and I will pass on to Sarah.

Wishing you a happy beading time, and feel free to ask questions – I will try my best to answer or at least research it for you.

No question is silly, so ask away – but if you feel a bit embarrassed go to https://www.facebook.com/susan.smith.184881 and message me.


So thats me for today. Happy times  xxx


Beader’s Companion 19th September2012


I am fortunate to be part of the design team for Beader’s Companion and my challenge was as many pieces, from the new bead selections, as possible.

The first set I did was the black selection using the 3 small findings packs in silver and some pieces from the gold chain bundle.


The other kit I had the pleasure of working with was the Ivory and Crystal with 3 small packs of gold findings together with the gold chain bundle as mentioned previously


It was a great privilege  for Sarah to showcase my hand knotted pearl and tassle necklace by wearing it on air.

Beaded Jewellery Challenge October 2012 – Peyote


This was a challenge as I didn’t even know how to do it. Some help from my friend Jane Caroll was much appreciated as she suggested a you tube video and the type of beads to use ( Delica 11). I didn’t have the beads in my stash so a quick visit to a bead shop and bought two colours. So following the video I made the first set which is individual beads seperated by glass beads.

As I did not particularly like this technique a decided to use up the beads I had left and created a bracelet but all one piece this time in colour blocks.


I now believe that someone somewhere knew what was coming my way as a Beaders Companion DT member I was sent some kits (coming soon to a screen near you),  one of which met this brief perfectly. Being in kit form was so much easier as not having to think about what beads and how many do I need.


I must admit that if I was to do this again it would be using kits as the diversity of beads available would take over the house and the design work would be beyond me. The kits give you more beads than you actually need, so spares if the flick off your needle. My tip would be to use pop bottle lids ( washed and dried of course) as little pallets to decant your different coloured beads into a few at a time  in case you have a mishap and knock your tray and a bead mat is essential